Whether you're an adult or a teen, we all want to look our best at all times. Changing the way your teeth are structured takes time and there are now ways to keep you looking your best during this period.

At Brock Dental we offer two types of braces, traditional and clear. Traditional braces have been around for many years. They are the standard among patients looking to straighten their smile. Today's contemporary braces are made of exceptionally strong metals as they need to be able to stand the test of time while they are on your teeth. Clear (ceramic) braces are translucent and specifically designed so that they will not stain or wear over time. This new technology is available for most cases.

Reasons for needing braces:

  • to correct a problem with your teeth and/or jaws that developed from birth or from habit (ie. thumb sucking)
  • your teeth are out of line, turned, crowded, or spaced too far apart
  • upper and lower jaws do not align causing difficulty with chewing and digesting food

The Process

The initial appointment will involve discussing habits that commonly push teeth out of line, ie. breathing through your mouth, pushing your tongue against your teeth when swallowing, nail biting, thumb sucking. Dr. Palencar will suggest a plan to treat your specific problem. This plan will include when treatment should start, how long the treatment will last, which appliances will be needed, costs, the risks and benefits of the treatment. Next Dr. Palencar will take photographs of your face and teeth to show the dental problem. X-rays are taken to help plan your treatment. Then models are made to provide exact copies of your teeth. These are compared to a later model to show how your teeth have moved since treatment started. After this stage it is typical to be visiting Brock Dental every 4-8 weeks until your braces are removed. In addition it is important to continue with your regular dental hygiene appointments for teeth cleanings to help keep harmful plaque and tartar from building up around your braces.

Adjusting to Braces

Most people adjust very quickly to their braces and other appliances. You can still play musical instruments, sports, eat many of your usual foods (you may need to slice fresh vegetables and fruits). Foods that should be avoided are hard foods (nuts, ice, popcorn), and sticky foods (gum, taffy, caramel, candy). The best way to prevent problems is to brush your teeth after every meal and/or after eating sugary foods, and floss once a day. Prescription fluoride toothpaste or fluoride mouth rinse helps prevent tooth decay. A rotary or ultrasonic toothbrush may make brushing easier during this time.

After Braces

A positioner and/or retainer may be prescribed to finish moving your teeth. It is essential you wear them as much as you are told so your teeth do not go back to where they were.

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