Partial Dentures


Partial dentures are recommended if you still have teeth but are missing more than a few in the upper and lower arches. Generally, your existing teeth are used to support and provide retention (holds the denture in place) while you are eating. Custom partial dentures consist of a thin metal framework with acrylic teeth set within them. Before any partial denture is fabricated on these teeth, a thorough assessment is required to check for the quality of existing fillings, periodontal disease and caries, to name a few. All these problems need to be addressed prior to moving forward.

The Process

The process starts by taking an impression of your mouth and sending it to the lab to make a custom tray. This tray will fit over your existing teeth. Dr. Say or Dr. Palencar will discuss the design and show you a rendition of the future denture using your cast or a picture. From this design, the teeth for which the framework will sit on, are prepared. A second impression using this custom tray is taken and sent to the lab so the metal framework can be fabricated. The next appointment involves the try -in of the framework in your mouth. Next, a bite record of how your teeth will fit together is made and shade selection is discussed. The case is sent to the lab for the denture set-up whereby the technician sets the acrylic teeth onto your framework. At your next appointment, the denture is tried in your mouth, and checked for proper fit against your adjacent teeth. With your approval of the denture, we send it back to the lab for processing. The teeth will be imbedded in the framework with the tooth coloured acrylic resin. At your next appointment, your denture will be fitted and adjusted.

Daily care and cleaning is key

Partial dentures are removable and therefore require daily care and cleaning. Gently clean them with a toothbrush and mild soap.

Your involvement in the process

At each stage of the fabrication process, Dr. Say and Dr. Palencar encourage you to voice your concerns regarding the fit and feel of your partial/complete denture. In essence, you are helping us build your own denture. All steps are approved by you and the dentist before moving on, so you know exactly what the end product denture is.

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